Coke bottle view large image Screen The Tecra A6 features a Size comparison to a 20 oz. The Tecra A6-S features several midrange components, including the Intel Core Solo T, and is priced ideally for professionals and students who want decent features for a reasonable amount of money. Visit our network of sites: The keyboard is also spill proof. Instead they have to be burnt from a program preloaded on the laptop. Packaging box for A6 view large image.

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Toshiba Tecra A6 | TechRadar

I tried it out on a few people and I was unable to get any false positives so I think it works well. The Toshiba logo on the lid is reflective and surrounded by a square of brushed metal. Some notebooks have convenient hardware switches to turn off the touchpad and I would have liked to seen that feature implemented in the A6.

There is no visible flexing and the keys have a nice responsive feel to them. Measuring x x 43mm the chassis weighs 2. The front right is the microphone socket, headphone socket and volume knob.

Toshiba Tecra A6

Providing comprehensive compatibility, business users need never be caught short. Packaging box for A6 view large image. If you need a longer battery life Toshiba also offer a nine and twelve-cell battery pack that gives six and nine hours respectively. Powered by the integrated Intel chipset, a 3DMark score of just points drastically limits tcera performance.


The only complaint I have against the screen is that it lacks contrast compared to most other laptop and desktop LCD screens, especially with near-white colours. The wireless card can be switched on and off either through the preinstalled Toshiba software or the hardware switch on tefra front of the laptop.

Laptop Mag In this crop of conservatively designed notebooks, the 5. The battery is quite compact and slides out easily. I was after a new laptop due to the fact that I was starting at University and that I wanted a more portable computer for everyday use.

This laptop also lacks any serial or parallel ports which might be an issue yecra you intend to use older hardware with this laptop. The Toshiba Tecra A6 is quite a beefy notebook tecr its very low price, though I have a few minor gripes with it.

Back side view view large image Front side view view large image Tecra A6 right side view large image Tecra A6 left side view large image The VGA output is quite disappointing in this day and age of cheap tefra large LCD panels and digital high-def TVs.

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Graphics card setting can be changed by a66 the ATi Catalyst control panel. Speakers The laptop has two speakers located in the top left and right corners, above the keyboard.

That said, the preloaded Windows XP Pro was quite nice, with all the software for the fingerprint reader and function keys installed and working.


It would make a very good commuter notebook. These keys always annoy me on desktop keyboards.

The touchpad is located right under the keyboard and seems to have the same widescreen aspect ratio as the LCD. High-speed wireless connections can be configured using integrated There is quite a bit of warmth just right of the touchpad where your wrists would rest when typing. While corporate machines tecrx traditionally used 4: The knob turns right to increase volume.

Highs and midrange are fine however there is no bass. I would have preferred it if Toshiba just used another system LED for showing the wireless status.

We show the least amount of ads whenever possible. Unlike a certain other laptop manufacturers like Dell there is no spyware, adware or much other crud installed by default. Tecra A6 right side view tera image.

The fact that this laptop can be upgraded to a full 2GB is also good for the future and s6 boost performance with Windows Vista. Screen view large image The LCD has eight levels of lighting available and is still quite readable on the lowest setting. Because of the dual core Windows tends to temporarily freeze up less, though this still occurs when new hardware is added and some system configurations are changed.