Perhaps you could try or even buy a new or second-hand PC running a bit version of Windows 10 or earlier, and see if it works on that. To catch the value, I used a string column type, because the format on my db is some strange. NET DateTime does not support time-only values. Re-distribution of single-user applications built using Superbase NG does not require a runtime license. Otherwise it is very hard to guess what the problem is. Superbase Personal Classic Edition Superbase Personal Classic Edition contains all the great features of Superbase Classic, but does not allow the creation of programs. This is what Superbase suggests.

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The traslate for the message is “the parameters year, month and day, describe a DateTime column that cant be represented”. In your case it creates a DateTime column. Copyright Redgate Software.

Topics Computing Ask Jack. In contrast, the bit versions of Windows use a special subsystem called WoW64 Windows-on-Windows bit to emulate a bit environment to run bit software.

Can I run old 16-bit programs like Superbase in Windows 10?

Tuesday, October 25, 8: Users can be confident of on-going support for their legacy Superbase-based systems. Applications can be run without change on Linux and Windows bit and bit versions from Windows XP onwards.


Tuesday, Oddbc 25, Alternatively, you could try running Superbase in any other VM — there are several free ones — but you will have to superbaae your own licensed and activated bit copy of Windows XP, WindowsWindows 95 or whatever.

What problem osbc you still having? Otherwise it is very hard to guess what the problem is. Show 25 25 50 All. However, if paid technical support, consulting and bespoke development services are availablethis could be an option for the businesses that still use Superbase. I’m sorry i did not explained well, the sql connection gone fine, the problem is when I create the superbase 32 conecction string whit data from sql server.

Fill method, superbase32 driver, the query is as simple as this “select dateIni from table”. Releases are currently being planned for various Linux-based devices including the Raspberry Pi as well as Android-based devices.

Can I run old bit programs like Superbase in Windows 10? | Technology | The Guardian

PCs last a few years, and software might survive for a few decades, but data is forever. You can override this, however, by defining your own columns before you fill the table. Again, please post the code that is causing the error. Thanks for your time. Superbade the code that causes the error and post the exception type ArgumentException, OdbcException, etc and the full message.

Database, Superbase ODBC driver

What do you mean you “try to select date column”. It can, however, run programs written with Superbase and as such is a great way to provide the Form Designer and Report Designer ssuperbase end users of an application.


I’m guessing the SuperBase date data type has values that are outside the allowed range of the.

Email it to Ask. Net to read a superbase database, while I use a openfiledialog object to locate the file path and create connection string, so far so good, but I dont want users have to find the physical file, then I save direction and filename on sql server to use it on connections, but an error occurs “fileinit error” to be precise, Allready review both strings and looks exactly the same.

It should be the other way round. Superbase Software Limited are also offering a related range of paid support and professional services.

SIMPOL provides you with all the tools odnc quickly and easily create applications for mobile and pc as well as local, and multi-site, networks, as well as web servers. Have you got another question for Jack? See the Superbase website for more information and screen shots. Im trying whit convert and cast functions, but it doesnt work.