I was going to read what I did wrong as soon as the club hinge broke. There are some good and some albeit subjective bad points to the training club. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I was breaking down at the take away. By doing this you are able to square the club-face easier. My suggestion is to ask around your circle of golf buddies and see if anyone has one for you to try or even head to a major golf store and check one out before buying.

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The Refiner does indeed help you get a feel for timing and tempo while clearly identifying major issues that no golfer should have in their swing overswinging, over the top, etc. I refnier a lot about the Refiner and I think you will too. It helps get my swing together fast. The Refiner Pro Graphite is graphite shafted training driver. Apparently something I was lacking. I cringed at the thought skla doing swings a day the wrong way for weeks.

SKLZ Refiner Putter Training Aid (Left Handed) ยป The Golfers Club

Introduction- The Refiner Pro Graphite is graphite shafted training driver. Well that did not last long. How would you like to have a blue-print eklz a traditional swing that had no instructions other than to swing a club engineered to give you negative feedback when you are not swinging properly?


My brain fought me for a little while. Reciner alignment and grip aids in the club provide a lot of great feedback to work on your setup. No more wasting time. It is a simply but effective tool.

The functionality of the Refiner is really beneficial if you have a swing similar to what the club is favoring very inside and open faced takaway but it is not universal at all to other swing styles.

The shaft is dual-colored Black on front with Yellow on the back side. Final thoughts- I think using the Refiner Pro Graphite Driver will be very helpful for anyone that wants to refine their swing. Glad to hear you like the Putt Pocket Seth!

There are some good and some albeit subjective bad points to the training club. Reset hinge break several more times. The adjustability of the hinge is essential in allowing many different levels of golfers the ability to use the Refiner with benefit.

The grip has a design to set your hands in the correct position every time.

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It quickly switched to hey the hinge did not break down. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Now the Refiner Pro and I were starting to get along. Golf Press Releases Equipment Previews. I am hitting more fairways, and my skla is virtually gone. Time to read packaging that came with the Refiner.


I guess I should start by letting you know that I have an 18 handicap.

Follow Us Tweets by GolfBalledcom. With the Refiner Refinef continuing to show my flaws I started noticing a new swing forming. From the see-through grip that has an underlying pattern for the proper positions of your hands to the black finish on the head of the club.

SKLZ Refiner Putter Training Aid (Left Handed)

I decided that I would do the from now on with the Refiner Pro. However, my biggest downside to the Refiner is that unless you tighten the hinge drastically thus negating the benefit of the hinge in other parts of the swingyou are forced to open the club-face immediately in the takeaway.

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