What is the lspci -nn output for your device? I seem to have discovered the issue. I cannot get the Ethernet Card to work. It seems like your system doesn’t like the VIA card either. However each time I restart I’ve to run the followings: Sorry for responding late. If it came with your computer, who built your computer?

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Are you sure there’s not a hardware issue with your motherboard?

I downloaded and installed the driver, did the rmmods as suggested. The network card was detected and it automatically connected to the DHCP network and internet. It seems like your system doesn’t like the VIA card either.

faet Well even putting IP address in the browser doesn’t open the page. Rto8139d you tried all the PCI slots? What could be the issue here? That might explain why you’re experiencing such weird behavior: Local Loopback inet addr: Something strange is going on because it doesn’t seem at all to be a Realtek card. I cannot get the Ethernet Card to work. ERROR while getting interface flags: However lsmod grep rhine still lists via-rhine. Now lspci has stopped detecting the card.


RTLD PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter driver free download for windows – K8UNF – K8Upgrade-NF3

If the command above doesn’t solve the problem for you, please post the output of: Now I see the via-rhine driver etyernet, and even if I do sudo rmmod via-rhine, after restarting the machine, lsmod grep via shows the via-rhine again.

But let’s try using the Windows driver to get the card running, instead of the Linux one which doesn’t seem to work well.

In consistent behavior like that is bizarre. I’ve blacklisted the drivers as suggested. These are the commands you’ll need hopefully you can get your computer connected to the Internet somehow for running these commands; if not let me know: It probably actually wouldn’t hurt to blacklist those drivers, since they’re not actually capable of driving your device, by running: I think the original poster’s ethernet card is either being misidentified by lspci unlikely or it’s non-standard hardware.

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Did everything that you said but it keeps coming back after restart. I restarted the machine and it went back to the previous situation. If for some reason that doesn’t work, you can delete the module once and adapteer all by running: Thanks for the quick reply: There are instructions here http: If you can’t send traffic anywhere, there may be a driver issue still I guess that is an issue!


You can blacklist via-rhine by adding the line: If it came with your computer, who built your computer? If you rmmod the ndiswrapper module, does lspci start seeing the ethernet card again?

No such device Can anyone please let me know how to solve this? How can I skip this step? Does it appear in ifconfig if you run: