Find out how we replaced Fieldpoint modules with DAQmx modules for a customer: Impacts of Climate and Cooling Technology. Facebook Twitter Linkedin Reddit. If your cFP application uses the cFP controller for the realtime capabilities, then a cRIO controller will give you all the capabilities you need to translate your application. This site uses cookies to offer you a better browsing experience.

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The cFP-RLY has eight relay channels with a maximum switching frequency of 10 Hz, whereas the NI has four relay channels with a maximum switching frequency of 1 Hz. Data centers, data closets, edge and cloud computing, fiekdpoint facilities, and similar topics are among the fastest-changing in the industry.

This smaller size can be an issue if your field wiring gauge is too big i. For both VIs, users can loop-in an error wire. The type of thermocouple refers to which two metals are compared.

Migrating NI Compact FieldPoint to cDAQ or cRIO

Your cDAQ thermocouple replacement should be compatible with whatever thermocouple type your Fieldpoint module is configured for.

HMI hardware evolution, Data acquisition strategies, Matching motors fieldpint drives, Machine vision advice.

In general, beware of the size of the fisldpoint terminals available with cDAQ C Series modules; they tend to be smaller than are available with cFP modules. See all specialty digital supported modules. Five channels are being read using the FP Read. The RS serial port provides a low-cost, long-distance 1.


Compact FieldPoint Performance Increase

Articles in this digital report highlight technologies that enable Industrial Internet of Things, IIoT-related products and strategies. Learn how to increase device reliability in harsh environments and decrease fieldpoiint system downtime. Only Compact FieldPoint combines the necessary ruggedness and durability necessary to make these systems a reality.

This document describes recommendations and considerations for transitioning systems based on legacy Compact FieldPoint controllers to the newer generation of CompactRIO controllers. See this NI white paper for more info: However, significant hardware and software differences between CompactDAQ and Fieldpoint modules can complicate upgrades, requiring a complete driver rewrite and complex hardware decisions.

Figure 2 shows the same code from Figure 1 but with the FP Read. Note that some C Series modules come in a couple connector styles that have built-in terminal blocks versus DSUB style connectors, the latter allowing cabling to larger terminal blocks with bigger screws.

Communication Protocol fieldpoknt Host: Find out how we replaced Fieldpoint modules with DAQmx modules for a customer: Compact FieldPoint is the size of a large brick, measuring 5 x 10 x 5 in. FP drivers can access all channels in a module in order from low to high using the “All” tag. Are you doing any control with your system?


Comments There are currently no comments, be the first to post one. You compatc select your chassis based on the communication abilities and available ports on your PC. NI 4 Ch, 0—20 mA Output. The Engineers’ Choice Awards highlight some of the best new control, instrumentation and automation products as chosen by Control Engineering subscribers.

Read the white paper on how the Scan Interface programming mode works.

Migrating NI Compact FieldPoint to cDAQ or cRIO – Viewpoint Systems

Browse pricing and specifications for CompactRIO controllers. Facebook Twitter Linkedin Reddit. Upgrading your system from Compact Fieldpoint to cDAQ hardware can be a complicated process, but the increased robustness, modernity, and performance of cDAQ modules make the process well worth the effort.

Sourcing digital modules only: The recommended migration options for ccompact systems are: Impacts of Climate and Cooling Technology.

This eGuide illustrates solutions, applications and benefits of machine vision systems.