Also, can anyone indicate how many hours a battery would last when recording continuous from an external source? But, this didnt entirley solve the FAT16 problem it still appeared until i loaded up version 1. Product Key Features Storage Capacity. I have a problem with my T Only because I am not crazy about using WMP

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The unit interfaces with Windows Media Player perfectly and is easy to navigate through this program. Unlike the T10, the T30 has little going for it. The need to replace the battery every 20 hours means this will soon become and expensive purchase, likewise the lack of ID3 tag support, and dull design means we can’t see who this would appeal to.

No, for the simple reason that anything I can record irivdr it radio show, a cd etc would be copyrighted and not allow publishing to the internet!

It seems that for my computer and t30 there is a limit to the files you can put in the area above the folders. Any comments are fine.

What Hi-Fi?

I hope they upgrade srs to enable it work with user eq. I need a small voice recorder but if it could double up as an MP3 player, it would be great and T30 seems to be getting the thumbs up irjver voice recording as what everyone agrees here.


But am considering replacing it with the T I have searched the web and have found old firmware. The video game that helped me understand my grandma’s dementia. Their reply came — with the t TVs, Consoles, Laptops, and more.

Ok so I was able to upgrade to v. I have to use a pre-amp to use a mic. These are the details for the files the Iriver T30 recorded through line in you can choose from 3 levels of quality-high, medium, low. Big mistake I should have no better.

iRiver T30 MB Mp3 Player | eBay

However at least they do release firmware upgrades which fix most problems. A nerve-racking 15M miles from the surface Astroboffins spot one of the oldest, coolest stars in the universe lurking in the Milky Way Russia inches closer to launching a crew again while NASA waits for a delivery from Germany Has science gone irivee far?

Thank you for your reply, may i ask also what has better sound quality mp3 or wma and what its best compression iriger my new t30… EDITOR: Has any body actually iricer good sounding live recordings using the set-up I described or something similar that actually worked? Curiously they have not put a datasheet link for the 2gb, its doubtful that the 2 would be of a different spec though…. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Cheaper than the web shops.

Iriver T30 WMA/OGG/MP3 Player with Voice Recording and Linein

The iRiver T30 music player is capable of managing as many as songs, which means you are able to upload enough music to fill many CDs onto t03. Can I also assume that the fact you can adjust the level like that, clearly suggests that the t30 lacks any sort of AGC?


I simply cannot play Napster music subscription music from the T Thank you and take care. However the update would only worked when used on Windows XP, first attempt on Vista did not yield any success. This is a great site.

iRiver T30 Specs – CNET

This means that you can copy files and folders to it, and you can delete them, but you cannot create new folders or more files around on the device directly. There is sure to be something here to please everyone.

Why should that be? Don’t show this again. It is typically used in more professional microphones and traditionally runs around 48 volts irived there are 24 volt and even 12 volt versions which are less common. Hi guys I dont have the mp3 player above.

This is the same guy from 91 and