The operating systems listed below are required to operate Benefits PR2 Plus offers a complete solutions with a wide range of benefits, includes, but is not limited to: Other dealers compete against this, so:. Both modes support one of the following attachment to the system unit of a PC. The printer’s ability to hold light objects on top, combined with the compact size of the printer that includes the integrated power unit , uses less space than was previously required when using similar products.

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Respective Planning and Programming Guide should be consulted for more details.

It offers functions, performance, and usability improvements previously available only on high-function printers at a price of entry-level printers. The Multi-Purpose Passbook Printer prints on passbooks, slips, checks, multi-part cutforms, envelopes in all sizes and weights, and more.

Other dealers compete against this, so: This capability substantially reduces the time required for the operator passbooo wait for the print operation to complete and allows the operator to make efficient use of their time. Uni-directional PC Parallel communication Attachment Feature or Bi-directional universal serial bus communication at speeds up to 1 Mbps.

Yes Customer Setup Model conversions: Provides capability for printer sharing by two operators.

Serial or USB attachment via finance printer device driver or device support code Corequisites: When font data for 9-wire print head is down loaded to IBM S01, the font image will be logically converted to that for printing on wire print head.

This makes the an ideal component to configure operator workstation at a branch office of financial institutions. This combined with the compact size of with integrated power unit will allow financial institutions to configure operator workstation with less space than was previously required with similar products.


The PR2 Plus makes available multiple emulation options that set you free from worries about all the hassle you used to deal with the implementation of older type of printers. Real inventory that we refurbish and stand behind, since It prints at cps.

IBM 9068-S01 Passbook Printer

The high speed print capability allows operator to minimize time spent in passbok for print operation to complete, whereby improving the efficiency of the operator. Both models support bidirectional asynchronous serial communication with the ihm unit at speed up to bps. Carefully and flawlessly designed to be stylish and ergonomic, PR2 PLUS keeps dimensions to a minimum, ranking as one of the smallest and quietest specialised printers among its class.

The printer allows multipart forms up to 6 parts.

PR2 Plus adapts the highest level of industry standards. Other dealers compete against this, so:. The Basics This wire, impact printer with its throughput capabilities, reliable trouble-free operation, and easy-to-use interface is the ultimate passbook and document printer. No specify is required to order the default options inm are as follows: The double byte character font available in DBCS Mode is for one of the following code page sets of each country. Errors usually occur when a separate hand-swipe magnetic stripe reader unit is used because the integrity of passbook operation depends heavily on operator precaution while handling the printrr.


The IBM Multi-Purpose Passbook Printer Models A01 offers the ultimate obm functions and features so that financial institutions can improve the productivity of their operators in providing face to face service to their customers.

Streamlined Workflow Because PR2 Plus is equipped with auto detection and adjustment capability, it streamlines workflow and eliminates the need for manual adjustment, time-consuming reconfiguration and incorrect print runs with error-free transition between tasks.

It has a passnook impact print head which prints at burst speed of up to characters per second at 12 characters per inch in super draft mode, cpi at 12 cpi in fast draft mode, and cps at 12 cpi in draft mode.

IBM Passbook Printers

Provides optional Read Encode Magnetic Stripe Feature to reduce operational steps for operators and chance of human error. The quiet operation less than 54 dB of the printer provides a better work environment for the operator and will not interrupt a conversation in carrying out sales or consultations.

Two operators can share the same Durable Performance PR2 Plus adapts the highest level of industry standards. Features – No charge. The product is very flexible when it comes to configuring workstations in terms of attachment methods, application programming, physical layout, and scalability.

Features,and are not field installable.