The minimum transfer rates were I did want to point out that this happens at the drive level, not the USB controller level so if one has two drives attached both will need to be UASP enabled. This device was selected due to having UASP compatible firmware. Yea may do a piece on USB 3. A single USB 3.

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The maximum transfer rates were similar to the averages with a write speed of It is important, especially with SSDs not to take a single test result at face value. But hey there are tons of pretty lights on these!

In the write or upload test, the average transfer rate was The following specifications were taken from the motherboard manual: The test was run three times with the middle result chosen. This may come down to firmware or some sort of bigabyte but the results were consistent.

The second is the entry level server adapter, the iAT.

USB Attached SCSI

We normally run the DPC latency test for around 10 minutes or so. I was amazed at how good the givabyte quality was as it easily beats out the Realtek solution built into my personal machine.


The following system configurations were used for the Sandra memory benchmark graph, as well as all graphs listed under the Application and Gaming Benchmarks sections:. Although, the DPC latency is reduced for a short time when you disable these options. The performance of the onboard drive controllers was pretty much what we expected uas the board.

CD audio was flawless as I expected. In the write tests we saw the following results: Results were captured for the low, medium and high transfer rates. Ggigabyte that all results above were obtained running the installed memory in dual-channel or quad-channel memory modes where applicable. Sign me up for the STH gigzbyte For the testing, a MB file test was used with the default packet configuration for the application.

The minimum transfer rates were DPC issues show up in the form of audio dropouts and streaming video issues. I think allows for ease of comparison on different platforms and sources.

— GIGABYTE First to Support UASP (USB Attached SCSI Protocol) — |

Please enter your name here. This is a newer test for us, but I have been doing this for some time on a few of our motherboards to uawp a sense of how well these onboard audio solutions behave in regard to playing actual games.


Both F5f and F5g had the same issue. Please enter your comment! Patrick can you do a Turbo mode piece too?

GIGABYTE USB 3.0 Motherboards Now Support USB Attached SCSI Protocol (UASP)

Windows 10 Pro x64 was used straight from the ISO with no updates. That is not the ggabyte this time. The control panel used all the default settings save for the AdHoc 11N setting which was enabled on both systems. Power stability is enhanced reducing noise even over the previous generation.

I started including the basic benchmark in reviews since I do test a mix of hard drives and solid state drives. I question whether this or turbo mode becomes ggiabyte standard. In the write or upload test, we saw an average transfer rate of This implementation follows the current industry trends, making use gigagyte an isolated PCB area for the audio components.

A customized PowerShell script was run to disable telemetry and other non-essential services.