Deployment Solware Life has a large team of 30 training personnel and consultants based Having an information system able to absorb a significant regular increase in the volume of data without affecting the service provided, even for a group with more than , or even establishments. The issue was a cable. Tl;dr- EasySuite’s programmers messed up, and is incompatible with certain operating systems. Data security Solware Life is a Lenovo approved distributor and maintenance centre. However, upon plugging either end into the old workstation running WIN XP, the old workstation will recognized the USB, then the ‘EasySuite’ software, then immediately go to the ‘blue-screen-of-death’ and reboot.

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In reply to Eastsuite Kumar A’s post on June 1, The most comprehensive, integrated, modular specialist functions: Having an information system able to absorb a significant regular increase in the volume of data without affecting the service provided, even for a group with more thanor even establishments. System Restore does not affect your personal data files, such as Word documents, browsing history, graphics, favorites, or e-mail.

USB transfer cable with ‘EasySuite’ causing crash

If issue persists, you can write to us and we will be glad to assist you further. Serious Word File Problems. Click Test, and it will run the program as a test.

Eaasysuite the establishments in different ways depending on their activities establishments caring for the dependent elderly, day care, hostels, home services, etc.


Question marked as Solved User profile for user: I don’t have any of those programs on my computer. I have the same question Started by rosalind dna Board Geek Speak.

Easysuite file transfers

At a loss-has anyone got any suggestions? In my experience, “Local Host window” appears by itself only when one end of the cable is connected to my local PC with the other end not connected to Remote Host. If they are both windows computers there is a free program from Microsoft for transferring data from one computer to another You are required to perform a clean boot to find the program that is causing this and then disable or remove it.

From the link provided by ChitlinCC: Hope this resolves the issue. Aesysuite is not a bad idea to either keep the old hard drive as a backup, or wipe the drive using some kind of a wipedisk utility, randomly writing data to the entire drive before recycling. Like I said, I am a bit dense about these mysteries.

Easysuite file transfers | Naked Science Forum

You can still transfer the data via an intermediate external drive, i. We are able to Ideally, when you connect the other end of the cable to easysuitte Remote PC, “Local Host window” will suddenly resize, and be accompanied by the file directory from the Remote Host PC in a split screen format. User profile for user: Whenever I esysuite an “rmdir” in terminal it says that the disk cannot be deleted because it is “Resource busy.


Groups of establishments, whether public, charitable or profit-making, all have to deal increasingly with requirements for administering their activities for which standard software systems have not been designed:. Dennis Osborne Dennis Osborne. Check if the issue exists in Safe Mode, if the computer works as expected in safe mode then we can troubleshoot the issue in clean boot state.

Here’s what I did on the Win 10 laptop that kept crashing:. I did a search of this question and have found many others suffering from this same situation and no one has an answer for it. This will take more time than “easy” transfer, but has the advantage that you create a back-up copy of the data on the old computer on an external drive.

However, this was all that appeared. Why am I getting an error opening my autocad file? LittleSnitch – SDK I thought the system was exactly the same setup before the upgrade to El Capitan but I suppose in all the transferring of programs and peripherals an “Insignia” cable got caught up in the scramble and utilized where an old standard USB cable should have been and viola!