To make it even clearer the letters X-PS were added to this pattern in a single place. And Dell rightly places emphasis on the hybrid solution from nVidia. So, using this notebook in dimmed environments gets pretty easy. Admittedly, this is not the most important aspect for a mobile incher, but it’s also not negative. Single Review, online available, Medium, Date: But, you should definitely avoid operating this laptop on your laps or on soft textile surfaces. This can be easily distinguished from those of other series by its striking surface design and a special font.

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The performance is appropriate for a inch model. But, this does not mean that they cannot be improved any more. The maximum temperature was A further pro is the stability of the case in this part, which is a clear weak point of other notebooks – very good.

On the one hand a mobile 13 inch notebook, pp17w can not only be seen as a persistent office notebook, but also as rather powerful multimedia-laptop, because it is equipped with an nVidia Hybrid SLI graphics. We can also give a positive summary conerning the results of the PC Mark benchmark test. Dell offers two display models for the Studio XPS, an entry-level solution, i.


While we could just look at pre-samples in the course of this, we now got hold of an official 13 inch model for sale, which we tested carefully. In the test the XPS 13 achieved, e. This notebook also scores points in regards of noise emissions. The touchpad has a slightly roughened surface with rather good gliding properties.

In WLAN modei.

Dell Studio XPS Laptop Replacement Parts |

But, the battery life when watching a DVD was clearly worse: In the top part there is a high-gloss finished plastic part. Furthermore, this notebooks can work with a number of extension cards, e. With constant load the fan caused a noise level of about In the test, unfavourable lightening conditions too dark often caused problems for the identification. They proved to be clearly stabler in dekl production model and del the gaps are preciser.

Dell Studio XPS 1340 Parts

If so, the login process continues without delay. Hopefully, the software learns and is more tolerant in the future. For the time being two models constitute the new Studio XPS series.

The decent tapping also contributes to this. So, the compact multimedia notebook does not really have a long battery life, but an acceptable mobility is guaranteed. According to Dell it is also possible to upgrade the notebook with such later, because all models are completely wired and equipped with the necessary antennas ex factory.


The XPS stll claims a high performance. But, in mobile use you can experience at once that the leather element does not only look good. Instead, the integrated web cam and a proprietary software is used for this, but only if the user likes. We gave it another try and tested the popular multi-player shooter Call of Duty 4 in practice. This LED panel is bright and has a good contrast.

Single Review, online available, Medium, Date: Under load, the built-in fan causes a rather high noise level. Regarding the graphics card not that much choices are available. The huge difference between integrated graphics chip and active hybrid SLI graphics card gets also clearly apparent.

With energy profile balanced, which means that the Geforce M GS graphics card is activated by default, the fan runs even without load in idle mode virtually without interruption. The same barebone is also offered by other manufacturers.